This Is Not A Science Fiction Textbook

This Is Not A Science Fiction Textbook

edited by Mark Bould & Steven Shaviro
Goldsmiths Press / MIT Press
Paperback, 168pp.

This Is Not A Science Fiction Textbook brings together leading sf scholars, including some of the most exciting new critical voices, to introduce the genre for the general reader. A vital bridge between technoscience and culture, it is an early warning system, a method for imagining differently, and a way of experiencing our increasingly science-fictional world. It is the vernacular of the 21st century.

Internal images coming soon — publishing 6 Feb 2024.

I was brought on board to clean up and standardise initial designs, tailoring what had been created to what the authors had provided. The series style developed under my art direction: a little-bit-punk with a rough-and-ready, old school, photo-copied aesthetic — that still maintained a clear and accessible hierarchy of information.

AD / Page Design Heather Ryerson
Cover DesignCrxss Design

# art direction # page design # typesetting

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