This Is Not A Feminism Textbook

This Is Not A Feminism Textbook

edited by Catherine Rottenberg
Goldsmiths Press / MIT Press
Paperback, 160pp & 27 illustrations.

Written by prominent feminist scholars from around the world, This Is Not A Feminism Textbook offers a clear, straightforward overview of key feminist debates and concerns ranging from motherhood, home, work and family to media, technology, and medicine. It is engaging and accessible, distilling the highest level of knowledge into fascinating but concise entries.

I was brought on board to clean up and standardise initial designs, tailoring what had been created to what the authors had provided. The series style developed under my art direction: a little-bit-punk with a rough-and-ready, old school, photo-copied aesthetic — that still maintained a clear and accessible hierarchy of information.

AD / Page Design Heather Ryerson
Cover Design Crxss Design

# art direction # page design # typesetting

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