Gardening for the Zombie Apocalypse

Gardening for the Zombie Apocalypse

by Isabel Lloyd & Phil Clarke  / Head of Zeus
illustrated by Christian Wood
Paperback, 240pp.

A gardening book for millennials, told through the witty device of the zombie apocalypse. This non-fiction lifestyle book makes good use of two-colour printing and is highly illustrated with diagrams, asides, quotes, footnotes, lists, and tables.

Each chapter starts with a humourous opener, stepping readers through each stage of the apocalypse. Chapters contain thorough gardening information with cheeky asides. Following each chapter is a how-to section detailing a step-by-step activity.

The illustrator has provided seven double page spreads, from which all internal spot illustrations have been created.

Published October 2019

# Cover design, typesetting, internal design, project management

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